plastic products used for construction

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6 must-have kitchen gadgets for 2020

the first item on the list of must-have kitchen gadgets for 2020 is the kettle kettles are a timeless staple of any kitchen set, whether you use it to heat water for ramen or for a gourmet coffee. there are a lot of types of kettles to choose from depending on your needs. kettles with large volumes typically cost more compared to smaller

eu ban on plastic sts and stirs proposed to cut marine

brussels the european union has proposed banning plastic products like cotton buds, sts, stirs and balloon sticks when alternatives are easily available in an attempt to reduce litter

piling up: drowning in a sea of plastic

a lot of plastic come to recyclers like bagaria all mixed together, impossible to separate cost effectively. so, what happens now to the plastic we used to ship to china? nothing. it's just piling up.

the power of plastic

if the bill for america's love affair with credit cards came due today, it would cost $600 billion dollars, an expensive affair. and now, the power of plastic is seducing the college crowd.

best products made from recycled water bottles

with single-use plastic bottles representing one of the biggest perpetrators of food and drink waste, were encouraged to see so many contemporary brands smartly recycling this old plastic into new wares. eco-easy products to help reduce food waste now, the best thing you can do with regard to water bottles and their environmental impact is

manly plastics for ios

we manufacture plastics for advertising and display materials, agricultural solutions, plastic products for construction and material handling solutions.

lego: building a better toy for the future

lego systems 1960 by secretmovies on youtube. the unique system of interlocking bricks makes for endless possibilities. no wonder it was dubbed the toy of the 20th century for its universal appeal.

'safer' chemicals in plastics may be hazardous to kids

'safer' chemicals in plastics may be hazardous to kids . july 9, 2015 / 2:06 pm / cbs news two chemicals used to strengthen common household items like plastic wrap and processed food containers

the great pacific garbage patch: cleaning up the plastic

long before plastics invaded midway, u.s. forces repelled a japanese assault in the second world war. the japanese had hoped to use islands as a bridge to the mainland. the american victory there

plastic waste destroying oceans could be used to fuel cars

'there's a lot of plastic used every year -- billions of tonnes -- and only a fraction of it is being recycled,' dr. kuehnel told the bbc. 'we are trying to find a use for what is not being recycled.'

chemical recycling could be the answer to our single-use

mallos said it's also crucial that we find ways to reduce the amount of single-use plastics consumed globally. some states are trying to regulate a cleaner environment. in 2018, more than 30 bills

nurdles: tiny plastic pellets are polluting our waterways

trillions of polyethylene plastic pellets are made at the factory, the first step in making products that are used by people every day, from plastic bottles to bags, clothing and electronics.

european union's ban on single-use plastics moves closer

the proposals 'will help us move on from single-use plastics and toward less consumption, the multiple use of better-designed products, more innovation and a cleaner environment. the next step is

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plastic products used for construction